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PurgeHosting strives to provide its customers and website users with the information they need to ensure that their use of our website, computer network, products and services is in accordance with the policies and restrictions we place on their use. Your understanding of the terms and conditions governing the use of our website, computer network, products and services and your cooperation in policing those persons that may be violating these terms and conditions will ensure that all of our products, services and computer network resources are used in a manner that maximizes their availability to our customers and website users.

Legal Terms & Conditions

This webpage contains important information regarding the terms and conditions that you and our customers must agree to in order to use our website and computer network or purchase our products and services.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, each of PurgeHosting's website and computer network and each customer that purchases any product or service from PurgeHosting must agree to the following terms and conditions and all such use and purchases are subject to and contingent upon your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Please carefully review the information below.

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Acceptable Use Policy Terms Of Service Service Level Agreement Privacy Policy Affiliates Agreement

Please note that unless otherwise agree upon in writing, PurgeHosting reserves the right to modify, all or any portion of the terms and conditions set forth above.

If you have questions regarding these terms and conditions, please email PurgeHosting's Legal Department at; legal@purgehosting.com

Spam, Phishing, Fraud, Hacking and Other Abuse Complaints
If you have a complaint regarding potential spam, phishing, fraud, hacking or other violations of our AUP, please direct those complaints to our Abuse Dept.

Customer Information
PurgeHosting strives to protect its customers' information and personally identifiable information stored on or transmitted through its computer network. Please carefully review our Privacy Policy .